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Vietnam Visa FAQs

We have listed most frequently asked questions regarding visa on arrival, however, if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us !. Surely you will get your right answers shortly.

Visa on arrival - what it is all about

  • 1. What information is required to process my visa?
  • 2. Where can I get Vietnam visa?
  • 3. What is "Visa on arrival"?
  • 4. Who need Vietnam visa?
  • 5. What is “Approval letter”?
  • 6. How long does it take to get the approval letter?
  • 7. How can I receive my "Approval letter"?
  • 8. How does the "Visa approval letter" look like?
  • 9. Can I use this approval letter to enter Vietnam by land?
  • 10. Can you apply 6-month visas in Vietnam?
  • 11. What is entry and exit form ?

Requirements, Procedures and Tips

  • 12. What should I do to get a multiple-entry visa to Vietnam?
  • 13. How long in advance should I apply for a visa?
  • 14. What documents do I need to prepare to enter Vietnam using Visa on arrival?
  • 15. Do I need to provide the precise date of arrival?
  • 16. Do you require passport scanning?
  • 17. Do you require passport scanning?
  • 18. Do I need photo and what is its size?
  • 19. What if my passport expired?

Price, Payment and Others

  • 20. How much does it cost?
  • 21. What is Stamping fee?
  • 22. Which payment methods do you accept?
  • 23. I entered my credit card number correctly, why is it refused?
  • 24. Is it the same rate for everyone?
  • 25. List of visa exempt countries?
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